About Us

Hemp is taking off across our nation. Paying attention to the industry trends and challenges, there’s an obvious disconnect between farmers, manufacturers, processors, and suppliers that’s limiting the full potential of this abundant resource. Our non-profit association was founded with the intention to aid the growth of Wisconsin’s hemp industry in all areas.

Through education and with a little dirt under our nails, we work directly with our farmers to ensure they yield the best possible crop for processors. We teach sustainable farming practices with a zero waste approach!

We provide our members with networking, all the way from the farms to supplier’s shelves, through our established relationships with processors and suppliers and our commitment to cultivating community. In partnership with Wisconsin Lobbyists, we advocate on behalf of Wisconsin farmers and manufacturers to reform existing laws.

Wisconsin has the potential to be the Nation’s Hemp industry leader. We are passionate about working with the community to make that happen. Our Farm It Forward program teaches our local communities about the benefits of the hemp industry by offering volunteer opportunities with Wisconsin hemp farmers. We are proud to bring the Farm It Forward principle full circle by giving back to the local communities through charitable contributions.

Board of Directors: 

  • Phillip S., Founder and President
  • Vince K., Founder and Vice President
  • Kenny R., Founder and Executive Director to the President
  • Alisa F., Communications Director
  • Kurt S., Treasurer
  • Thea R., Director of Business Relations and Human Resources
  • Chris H., Head of Laborers
  • Matt W., Director of Information Technology
  • Max V., Sustainability and Growth Research Director
  • Travis H., Oversight Trustee