Hand Sanitizer

During these uncertain times, we’ve been working hard to provide some relief to the hardworking essential workers in our state. We reached out to our network and affiliates, and we sourced Wisconsin food-grade ethanol and hemp seed, cranberry, and lemongrass oils. With these locally sourced ingredients, we’ve made hand sanitizer. 🌱

Donate one (1) 2oz. glass spray bottle of hand sanitizer to an essential worker (doctor, first responder, or delivery driver – your choice!), and we will send YOU one (1) 2oz. glass spray bottle of hand sanitizer as a gift! OR send your gift bottle to an essential worker friend of yours, or anyone, as long as you have their address! 🌱 Fill out the form below:

Donate Hand Sanitizer:

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    Note: for each one (1) bottle donation, you will receive one (1) gift bottle (limit of 5). All gifts, whether one (1) or more, will be sent to the shipping address provided. Shipping: expect to receive your gift within 5-7 days.
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